Main causes of caries and dental problems

The main causes of diseases start from home when we begin to neglect our dental hygiene or when our dental hygiene is insufficient due to a lack of information.
Today we tell you what are the main factors that cause cavities to the point of compromising our teeth and losing aesthetics and functionality:

Processed and sugar-high foods are more likely to cause cavities.

  • Sugary drinks and so on during the day cause a layer of continuous acid on the teeth.
  • Eat often and do not brush after each meal, especially at night.
  • An inadequate brushing that ends up forming bacterial plaque and diseases in the gums.
  • The lack of fluoride helps prevent cavities even reversing the first phase of the other damage.
  • Dry mouth due to medications.
  • We pay little attention to the latter but it is important to pay attention since by producing less saliva the microbes also stay longer in the teeth.


  • Always remember that the best treatment there is to take care of our dental health is prevention and this will always be done through a dental check-up every five or six months. 
  • However, there are some tips that can preserve the health of your teeth:
  • Keep your teeth clean to prevent plaque from forming and tartar from accumulating between the teeth and gums.
  • Brush your teeth after each meal and for 3 minutes to ensure perfect results.
  • It is important to always use dental floss and mouthwash.
  • avoid consuming tobacco, sugary foods and alcoholic beverages that harm our oral health.
  • Visit your dentist regularly, at least twice a year to be able to detect dental diseases in a timely and early manner.
  • Protect your teeth when you play sports as you may suffer traumas that can lead to losing your tooth or weakening your teeth.
  •  It is advisable to use a mouthguard in case of contact sports such as boxing, martial arts, soccer, rugby, etc.

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